We offer on time reliable service with updates at every step of the shipment. At ECCO we understand that every customer has a unique set of requirements to fit their transportation needs. In the modern marketplace we offer a customized experience that gives you all the information you could possibly want or as little as you wish.

Using Ecco Transport as your carrier, you will be able to relax comfortably and not feel the need to check on your shipment. We provide real time updates for our customers using GPS technology installed in our trucks. We dispatch our own drivers to provide on time reliable service filled with updates to customers.

  • Local
  • Over The Road
  • Acres of available parking with security
  • 48 states served
  • 53″ dry vans
  • 53″ reefers
  • Team Service
  • Own Warehouse
  • CSA- Satisfactory rate
  • SCAC Code – ECCK

Safety First
Do you have a formal written Safety Program? 

Ecco Transport has a safety program that continues to evolve.
Are our drivers road tested before operating the truck?

We road test every driver before letting them serve our customers.

Does the company have safety meetings?

Our safety meetings are smaller affairs complete with tests, we do 15 drivers at a time rather than 100 in a room together. We also do a bi-weekly safety newsletter with reminders and any new changes to regulations.

What is the company’s hiring criteria? 

We check thte MVR, PSP record, previous employment verification, and pre-employment drug screening. After that we do safety training with the driver before he can begin to drive for us no matter how much experience the driver has.

What method is used to keep a driver from dangerous activities? 

At Ecco we only hire drivers who believe in following the rules. We educate, we don’t discipline. If someone gets a ticket, we help them with a one on one safety session with the safety department.

How often are the trucks inspected by mechanics?

Ecco Transport has its own full service shop open to the public. Our trucks are inspected quarterly by mechanics we know and trust with our life, and with yours. When you outsource your inspections you do not know the qualifications of the mechanic. When safety is done in house you know it’s being done right the first time. Shipping partners can be dragged into costly lawsuits by things their carrier did. It is important to verify the carrier you are using. Are they in compliance with DOT regulations? Are they going above and beyond to make certain that drivers are trained well enough to be on the road?

When you choose ECCO as your partner you can rest easy knowing that our robust program helps accidents from happening. No one can ever prevent all accidents but you can rest assured that we do have a thorough safety program that goes beyond what the law requires of us.

Have a question, complaint, or compliment for our safety group? Send us an email or call and ask for safety department.